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This bracelet is sterling silver with soldered sterling silver links and toggle.  It is inlaid with a phosphosiderite whale, spiny oyster heart, Imperial volute shell bear, Mojave green cactus, turquoise moon and a jet raven.  The accents are red coral, lapis, aluminite, phosphosiderite and turquoise.  Each image is individually hand-carved by Andrew Shows, and it takes 17 steps to complete each piece.  

The whale represents abundance and serenity.  The heart is the realization that you are never alone.  The bear symbolizes strength, courage and long life.  The cactus is grounding and stability.  The moon stands for your dreams and hidden desires.  The raven is the dream messenger and bringer of magic.

Weight is 47.5 grams.

Size is 8 1/4" long X 3/4" tall X 1/8" deep.

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This bracelet is 8 1/4" long and has 2 large links at one end for adjustability.  The tighter link is at 7 3/4" and the longer link at 8 1/4".  It will fit most people, but not everyone.